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“When we decided to use an external auditor to meet our 10CFR50 Appendix B audit requirements, we turned to Acuity QA.  They provided an audit that was thorough, principled, and added a fresh perspective that brought value to our Quality Program.  We would recommend Acuity QA to anyone supplying the nuclear industry.”
–  RSCC Wire & Cable LLC

“My organization has used Brad in an auditing support service and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results.  His attitude and his work ethic are outstanding.  Combine this with his concise reporting and  knowledge and you have one exceptional quality professional.  I would recommend his services to anyone.”
Applied Technical Services, Inc.

“Brad has been very professional and helpful in our needs for commercial grade surveys to approve vendors. He ensures the surveys are done thoroughly and provides reports in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Brad’s services for your company’s needs.”
– Trust Manufacturing


“We needed a Nuclear Lead Auditor fast, and worked with Brad twice before. After I contacted him, he flew out the next day.  Brad was flexible and very easy to work with. We asked him to rush the report and received it within a few days. Our ANI reviewed the report and commented on the excellent quality, it was thorough and easy to understand. Brad was a pleasure to work with and we will definitely be using him in the future.”
J.F. Ahern Co.

“Mr. Boothe has provided tremendous guidance in creating a robust 10CFR50, 10CFR21 quality system. I’ve personally worked under Mr. Boothe which improved my auditing skills greatly. His method of communicating in clear, precise details with logical explanations reflects an auditor who is committed to assisting companies in complying and more importantly, understanding 10CFR50 App B/10CFR21 requirements. We look forward to working with him again.”
– Fusion Babbitting Co., Inc.

“Brad is professional, knowledgeable and willingly shares information and industry trends. Brad represents the industry positively, he does not look to upsell his clients every time they ask him a question. Brad Boothe is a resource everyone should look to do business with because he is genuinely interested in his client’s success.
– Ruhrpumpen

“I needed someone who was knowledgeable, thorough and fair to perform our internal audit. I chose Acuity QA and was not disappointed.  The auditor provided us with valuable input necessary for making programmatic improvements. The auditor was up-to-date on the recent changes to the nuclear industry requirements. I would not hesitate to recommend Acuity QA to anyone who is serious about getting a comprehensive evaluation on the effectiveness of their QA Program.”
– Sigma PPC

“We contacted Acuity Quality Assurance to perform an Internal Audit. Brad’s knowledge of NQA-1 combined with his outstanding audit skills produced a thorough audit of our test facility that has taken our quality documentation to a new level. I couldn’t be more pleased. Brad made meaningful suggestions that improved the overall documentation of reports used to provide test deliverables to our customers. His reporting skills and the attention to detail produced an outstanding audit report. I would recommend this quality professional to anyone.”
– Assurance Technical Services

“We chose Acuity Quality Assurance to perform a third party review of our Appendix B program based on recommendation from an industry reference and qualifications of the Acuity QA Lead Auditor. Acuity QA does an excellent job of planning and communicating the audit process, is thorough in detail and clearly summarizes the audit process results in the Audit Report. The wide range of services including the willingness to help qualify internal Lead Auditors greatly enhanced our Quality program for future growth.”
– WEG Electric Machinery

“I met Brad at the 2014 NUPIC meeting. My very next audit just happened to be for a company where Brad conducted their last internal audit. I was impressed with the thoroughness of the audit and the feedback from the company so I hired Brad to lead our 2015 internal audit. He once again proved to be thorough and professional. Brad also made several recommendations to our program that both strengthened it and made it more efficient. I would have no reservations to recommend Brad to someone looking for a lead auditor or to perform a gap analysis.”
– Tampa Armature Works, Inc.

“Mr. Boothe has worked with the Nuclear Products Division of Oregon Iron Works for the past few years. At first we utilized Mr. Boothe for internal audits on our 10CFR50 Appendix B Quality Program. Mr. Boothe proved to be very detailed and his reporting was better than we had ever had in the past. This fact was important because the amount of external oversight we experience in the commercial nuclear arena. Because of Mr. Boothe’s performance with our internal audit, we started utilizing him for Vendor Audits. We were comfortable with Mr. Boothe representing our company and again his reporting stands up to external oversight. We have also used Mr. Boothe in support of our Corrective Action Program and as before, his output was exceptional. I plan to partner with Acuity Quality Assurance for many years to come.”
– Vigor (formerly Oregon Iron Works)

“We had to play catch up on our nuclear product line, working to improve our nuclear product supply chain and auditing to nuclear requirements. We needed to understand our quality gaps and clarify our processes. Brad was able to support this need with speed, professionalism and clear guidance. Since then we have used Brad for several other quality program needs such as auditing key nuclear suppliers and auditing required quality systems within our environment. It is always a pleasure to work with Brad and I would recommend his services and experience anytime.”
– Peerless Mfg. Co.

“Working with Brad was a unique experience for me. I have worked with other auditors, but Brad’s methodology is something I hope to emulate. Very thorough, able to drive to the heart of audit items and terrific insight. Hope I get the chance to work with him again.”
– Circor Instrumentation

“Acuity Quality Assurance gave our combined Appendix B program and our ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory accreditation program a “good scrubbing”, identifying many issues. NUPIC came in to audit our program two months later with 5 auditors for 5 days and found 2 deficiencies, none significant. We were very well prepared by the thorough internal audit performed by Brad. Our laboratory includes a complete Calibration department, as well as a Chemistry, EPA Chemistry, Metallurgy, Materials Test, and Nondestructive Testing Services departments. Our Lab will be utilizing Acuity Quality Assurance and Brad Boothe for future audit needs.”
Consumers Energy Laboratory Services

“Brad was asked to come in and provide an internal audit after an immediate transition between QA Managers. Once he arrived and we began to talk, it became obvious he was the right fit to support our needs. Throughout his time with us we were kept up-to-date on what he was seeing, the findings being identified, observations, and recommendations. Having Brad come in didn’t feel like we had brought in an outside entity; it felt like we had hired a new team member to help improve our program and make us better. If you are looking for an independent review of your processes to verify compliance to requirements and don’t enjoy feeling as if you’re playing constant defense – this company is the way to go. We plan on using this group to support internal reviews again in the future, and would highly recommend anyone reading this to do the same.
NuSource LLC

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